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I spoke with Robert today, he was very interesting to listen to and he really made me want to learn more about your company and cattle. Sounds like you have a piece of amazing land, and some amazing Wagyu as well. As a chef, I appreciate those who are trying to bring the best of the best ingredients to the market, I wish there were more people like you with this goal. I look forward to learning more, and hopefully working with you both in the future!


As a young boy, Larry Tebben grew up on a farm in South East Kansas. He went to a country school from kindergarten through 8th grade and then attended the local high school. He left the farm when he earned an athletic scholarship to play football for Emporia State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Larry decided to look for work in a different field. He took a job as a salesman selling roofing and construction products. He learned everything he could about this field and before long his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. He packed his bags and headed to the Texas Hill Country where he began LD Tebben Company  a commercial roofing and sheet metal company. He traveled extensively within the continental United States. Even though his roofing business grew, and he competed internationally for contracts, Larry missed his ties to the land.

So, he returned to ranching as a hobby. He bought his first property in Blanco county and began raising Brangus cows. He raised them until the drought hit in the 1990s. Then he sold the property and cattle and bought another ranch in the area. This time he decided to raise exotics for breeding stock. Animals included elk, zebra, and several different types of deer. Raising wild animals has it’s risks and after a few close calls, Larry decided it was time to focus his attention on raising cattle.

During that time, Larry met and married his wife, Michele. She was all in favor of getting out of the exotics business and raising cattle. After extensively researching various breeds of cattle and studying their different traits, they narrowed down the list. Larry and Michele were impressed by the Wagyu breed and the advantages and potential they have; i.e., early fertility, docile temperament, high fertility, calving ease, and, of course, the final beef product. When they ate their first Wagyu steak, they immediately knew that raising Wagyu cattle was their destiny.

They sold the Blanco ranch and bought their current ranch in Floresville, which is better suited to raising cattle. Larry and Michele eased into the Wagyu business by buying a few heifers. As they continued to research Wagyu and the business, they decided to purchase embryos.

Now Larry and Michele own 3 ranches. The one in Floresville, one on the Guadalupe River near Seguin and another near Jourdanton, Texas, just south of San Antonio. Spread between the three properties, the Tebben Ranch has more than 200 head of primarily black Wagyu cattle along with about 20 Angus crosses that they use as recips. They also bought some red Wagyu embryos and will be experimenting with those.

Larry is on the National Marketing Committee of the American Wagyu Association and serves with pleasure to enhance and grow the Image of this Wagyu Industry in America and beyond, etc.

Larry is involved in the Wagyu community. He is Vice President of the Texas Wagyu Association and has recently been appointed to the National Marketing Committee of the American Wagyu Association.

Larry and Michele love their ranches and enjoy raising cattle. They have fun entertaining family, friends, neighbors and other ranchers. Michele loves to cook Wagyu and treats guests to Wagyu briskets, roasts, lasagna, hamburgers and meatloaf.

Larry and Michele feel blessed and are grateful to be eating homegrown Wagyu and homemade bread while living on their ranch doing exactly what they love to do together.

Distribution of Wagyu

There are almost two million fullblood Wagyu globally. 96% are in Japan and the second highest population is in Australia.

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